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Business Card Magnets

The Future of Marketing

Magnet vs Paper Business Card
  Magnet Paper
Custom Design Yes Yes
Delivers Your Message Yes Yes
Not Thrown in Trash Yes No
Stuck on Fridge Yes No


Customized business card magnets have proven time and time again to be an extremely effective marketing tool.  While your generic business cards may be lost, thrown in a pile with dozens of other cards, or unfortunately thrownaway; business card magnets will be placed on the refrigerator and be seen again and again. 

Statistically speaking the average person opens there fridge 30  times daily.  This is 210 times per week and 10,920 times a year. This ensures your business card magnets message will stick in the minds of entire households day after day.

When the time comes that your customer is in need of your service or product, who are they most likely to call? The company they have to look up in the phone book or the one whose business card magnet they see on the fridge?

Learn More about our Magnetic Business Cards

Magnet Business Cards 

Round Corner Business Cards   (3.5 x 2)

buy magnet business cards

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive marketing piece, custom save the date mailer or appointment reminder; all od our business card magnets are unique and effective custom designs. This ensures our customers an effective and easy way  to personalize their business card magnets  with a specific message catered to their business. 

All business card magnets are printed in four color process which allows your design unlimited number of colors and limitless possibilities.  These business card magnets are also finished with a gloss laminate.  Customizing your business card magnets will ensure your business cards receives maximum exposure within entire house holds countless  times a day.

 Magnet Business Card (2x3.5)

Magnet Business Card


Business card magnets ensure that your message will stick in the minds of your future customers.

Buy Postcard Magnets Online Now

Business Card Magnets (Thick)

business magnets

A business card magnet with meat, four color proccess is a great way to promote your business. Buy Magnet Postcards Online Now

All Business card magnets ensure your message will stick in the mind of future customers. Do not wait another minute customize your business card magnets today!  Business card magnets are the way of the future. 

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